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Good News!
We are continuing to work extremely closely with Haden Hill Leisure Centre and it is looking likely that we will be able to begin training in the pool in September. Here is a quick reminder of the key expectations before we return.

•    Please arrive and leave swim-ready and in masks.
•    Parents to drop off and pick up young people at the door of the venue.
•    Club Members take responsibility for their fitness to attend the session, please consider others if you have a dry cough or high temperature and shield in line with the government guidelines.
•    Follow instructions from the coach in regards to rest spaces
 and lane etiquette.

Any issues please email the club with our concerns and we will contact you directly to address your concerns. Our priority is the safety and security of our club members and if there is the slightest concern regarding the health and safety at the venue, the weeks session will be cancelled and club members will be notified.

As a club we need to make sure we know exactly how many people are attending on a night to ensure we can logistically accommodate everyone interested. We will also require all membership to be up to date. In this regard can we please request the following BEFORE the first session:

•    Club Membership form to be completed electronically and emailed to the club email, please ensure accurate emergency contact details. Download the Membership Form from the Club Information page 
•    Weekly subscriptions to be set up to begin paying in the first week of September.
•    Annual Membership is to be paid by 30th September to take advantage of the 10% discount.

We look forward to seeing you all soon

Many thanks
Nic Penn

North Worcester Lifeguard Club